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Quot8 opens new office in Singapore
Quot8 opens new office in Singapore
Quot8 opens a new office in Singapore. Quot8, one of the most dominant players in the lead generation industry for international movers, continues to expand its activities in Asia. After a successful entries in Europe, the Australian company now strengthens its sales efforts in Asia and opens a new office.
‘’We strongly believe in personal contact and better understanding of our partner’s needs. In order to strengthen our commitment to them, we feel we should be able to visit them every once in a while and discuss options on how to help them get the most out of our service. Opening our office in Singapore will allow us to give a better customer service to all our partners located in Asia, says Steven Mastwijk, Managing Director of Quot8 Australia’’.
‘’We have been very successful with our customers in our Asian markets. Opening the local office in Singapore will give us the opportunity to invest more in new potential markets and service our current customers. These plans align with our strategy to become a global player in lead generation. We are also not ruling out working together or taking over local players on the short term, says Oscar van Rijn, Managing Director of Quot8 Europe’.
About Quot8
Quot8 offers high volume and real-time sales leads for the international moving and solar industry. What specifically sets Quot8’s solutions apart from other lead generators are the extensive options to receive high volume and targeted sales leads based on geographical areas and desired budget. This gives their 500+ customers the opportunity to focus on their core markets and get the highest return on investment.
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