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Why your focus should be on sales leads..

Why your focus should be on leads…
I speak on a daily basis with customers from around the world regarding the quality and the follow up of sales leads. The feedback varies from ‘’We were able to boost our turnover with 22%’’ to ‘’Not much margin on the leads, but it keeps my employees busy’’ to ‘’I didn’t have much luck with the leads’’.

These are all very common responses and most companies can identify with. Lately I’ve also been getting more feedback from customers who are saying ‘’This lead is just orientating and not interested on short term so this is not a valid lead’’. So what does this actually mean? Are these not valid leads? Is there no intention to buy? Are these leads useless?

I’ve did some research and found the following;

How are these leads currently handled?
When asking our customers regarding the follow up on the leads that are only ‘’orientating’’ I usually get the same answer; ‘’It’s not worth our time and we won’t do anything with this lead’’ or ‘’I am not gonna follow up, this is just a shopper’’. Or probably the best one…. ‘’These idiots are a waste of time and money. Not worth the call or email’’.

Although I fully understand the position of being frustrated regarding these leads (As we do have them ourselves as well) you might want to rethink your strategy towards a proper follow-up of these leads.
With a minimal investment you would be able to turn these ‘’orientating shoppers’’ in a customer in the long run. Several research programs have shown in the past that staying in touch will deliver the best result in a sales process.

But how do you do this without a sales person needed to call the lead every couple of weeks you might wonder?

Simple. Automate the sales process
There are various ways in automating the sales process for a proper follow up of the leads. Most simple and cost effective is email marketing. By setting up standard templates in your current system you should be able to save a lot of time. Other interesting options, but with a higher cost, are to use a CRM system that can easily setup a workflow for automated emails. Think of SalesForce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics or similar CRM systems.

What should you focus on?

Step 1:
Stop thinking that these leads are useless and see them for what they are; A potential customer that has already shown interest in your product or service.

Step 2: Send the potential customer information about your service and all your contact details. Not 25 pages of information, but a small introduction with a bullet point list of what you can offer and why they should contact you in the future!

Step 3: Make sure you keep these contacts on file sales leads and add follow up date(s)

Step 4: Make sure that any special offers are emailed between the follow up dates

More information?
if you would like to exchange ideas or have your idea of a good follow up, don’t hesitate to contact us.
We’re always interested in finding new ways to help our customers get the most out of their leads.