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How to follow up on sales leads

You've received a new sales leads from us, your own website or any other channel! Nice.
But now what? We'll give you some tips.

How to contact the sales lead?
First things first, where did the lead come from? And did the lead contain details about how to contact him or her. A telephone number, email address and maybe even the contact preference. It’s important to make a reference when and how you contact the lead.

When you do, it's good to be eager, but prevent rushing the lead into a sale. Although a lot of research says it's important to follow up on a lead a.s.a.p, it's probably just as important to present yourself as a professional organisation and give clear information regarding your services. We do recommend contacting the potential customer within 24 hours max. If you do it later, it's very likely that you will not get the job.

What do you say?
As mentioned earlier, don't be to eager. It's very likely that the person you are contacting 
is comparing several providers, so making a good first impression is very important. Whether it is by email or telephone.

Always be polite, speak slowly and give enough information about the service you provide. Always follow up by email with a short confrimation of you conversation and more information regarding your services. If it's important for you to visit the potential client before making a quote, suggest some dates and times.

What do you offer?
Ok. You know what the lead is looking for. Great. It's time to make a quote. What price do you offer? Do you know who you are competing with? Did you ask? 

A few things you need to keep in mind;

- Make sure that the quote is clear and doesn't contain to much information
- Make sure that it is very clear what the price is
- Make sure that any additional options are mentioned separately
- Make sure that the quote fits on a maximum of 2 pages. If it's more, it's probably too complicated.
- Include the terms and conditions separately, but do mention specific clauses if the price might go up afterwards due to unforeseen circumstances
- Try to give a fair price. And keep in mind that the potential customer might want to have the job done by you, so keep some room to negotiate.
- Put all your company details in the quote.

Follow ups...
Ok. So you've send the quote in a nice short email. Now what? Wait? Well, yes...
But not wait endlessly for the lead to contact you. A quick call or email after a couple of days to ask if everything is clear could already make a huge difference.

So after a while you either get the job or not...
After a few follow ups you get the job, someone else gets the job or they haven't decided yet. What to do in each case.

When you won the job.
Congrats. Do an excellent job, handle complaints properly and ask for a nice review!

When you don’t get the job.
Nobody likes a sore loser. So thank them for the opportunity that they considered you and leave a good impression. And if there is the possibility, ask why they didn’t choose you. Feedback is important. You also never know if the company they choose screws it up and they need someone else to do the job. 

When they haven't decided yet or want to postpone.
This is NOT al lost lead. Just because they haven't decided yet or want to postpone the job doesn't mean that they don't want to do it in the future. Schedule a call or email on several times later on. And if possible, add their email address to a newsletter. 

A professional attitude and delivering quality work will help your business in the long run.