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Press Release - Quot8 takes over Unileads B.V.

Quot8 is pleased to announce the takeover of Unileads BV which will take effect on the 1st of January 2016.

This takeover represents a pooling of the expertise of two major sales lead generation companies, in an effort to innovate the lead generation industry in the Moving & Shipping industry as well as the Green Technology Markets.

Quot8 was founded at the end of 2013 in Sydney, Australia to supply global movers ( ) with quality sales leads to grow their business. They are now one of the market leaders in the global moving and solar industry ( for Australia and looking to expand their business to other markets and verticals.

Steven Mastwijk – Managing Director of Quot8
‘’ The takeover of Unileads B.V. enables us to grow further by using their scalable lead generation platform and staff to support our European and US customers. Their enthusiasm and quality-minded approach will help us be more efficient and deliver higher quantity and quality lead generation services. ’’

Unileads B.V, based in Rotterdam, specialized in building a sustainable and scalable platform for lead generation and a growing name in lead generation for the international moving industry (

Oscar van Rijn – Managing Director of Unileads B.V.
‘’We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to keep innovating our lead generation services and expanding them to the other side of the world and to other markets. We are confident that we can help many more companies grow in the years to come.

The takeover will allow Quot8 to offer their 500+ clients in 45 countries 24/7 support.

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