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What is lead generation?

What is lead generation? A question I get asked almost daily from people within my network, whether it is a friend or someone who we are looking to partner up with. I sometimes find myself in a position in which it’s hard to explain to people who have no experience with online marketing, because above all, it’s a marketing term.

Lead generation is nothing more than converting interest in a product or service from consumer or business into a proper sales lead for companies to follow up. This can be done online and offline. When I say this, the usual answer is….What? I don’t understand… Don’t worry, this is nothing to be ashamed of.

If I can’t explain it in an easy way, I’m doing something wrong!

Best way to explain lead generation is probably giving you a proper example;

Lead generation example;
Jonathan is looking to move from his apartment in the centre of London to a little cottage in Wales. By doing so, he has an‘’interest’’ in finding a moving company to help him out. For moving companies, this means that Jonathan is a potential customer.

For moving companies, Jonathan is a potential customer (Sales lead) with a desire for quotes. So how can they get his details? There are several options for moving companies to find Jonathan.

1.       Get your website in the top of Google results when you Jonathan searches for ‘’Movers London’’ and have an awesome landing page where Jonathan can leave his details! Getting on top of organic search results may take a couple of years though.

2.       Hire a specialist to advertise with your site in Google, Facebook, Bing or Social Media, Which requires high setup fees and constant monitoring and maintenance.

3.       Setup an offline advertising campaign which is usually very expensive and hard to measure results

4.       Avoid all the hassle above and contact Quot8. We'll send you Jonathan's contact details and many other directly to your inbox.